quoteDB v1.0.0 Release

quoteDB v1.0.0 is now available on GitHub. This release provides the first working version of quoteDB, allowing IRC users to add quotes directly from their channel into a Bash-like quotes database. The program can be self-hosted and run in a Docker container. Presently, the web UI is read-only, but I’m working on moderation features for the next release. I recommend installation using Docker Compose. Please raise any issues or bugs on the GitHub repository. Technical... (more)

Interglow BNC Server Launch

In order to replace the now-defunct (shut down at the beginning of 2018)’s Interglow sBNC server, I have set up a new virtual server running ZNC. There is no formal application process and the bouncers may be used on any network (where permitted by the IRC network itself). In order to apply for a bouncer, send me (Mike) a private message on SwiftIRC or Snoonet with the username you would like and an e-mail... (more)